साथ - company (m)

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साथ - company (m)

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:27 am

H ساتهہ साथ sāth [Prk. सत्थो; S. सार्थः; and Prk. सत्थं; S. संस्थं], s.m. Troop, band, herd, flock; company, society; accompaniment, regular attendant, concomitant, that which regularly or invariably accompanies or is taken with (a thing, as a relish, &c.);—postpn. & adv. In the company (of, -ke, or mere), in company (with), along (with), in connection (with), with, together; towards; for:—sāth iske (or us-ke), adv. Along with this (or that), besides, moreover; notwithstanding this, although:—sāth- (or sāt-) baṭe ʻadad, s.m. (in Alg.) Commensurable number:—sāth denā (-meṅ), To take part (in), lend oneself (to), to join, to associate (with), to co-operate (with), to help; to take the part or side (of):—sāth-sāth, adv. With, together, in one company, along (with, -ke), in society (with); keeping together, in order or time, evenly, &c. (as in marching, &c.):—sāth kone-kī nāp, s.f. (in Trig.), Cosine of an angle:—sāth lag-lenā (-ke) = sāth ho-lenā, q.v.:—sāth-lage phirnā (-ke), To follow (one) about:—sāth lenā, v.t. To take with (one, apne), take in (one's) company; to carry away with (one):—sāth- (or sāt-) na-baṭe ʻadad, s.m. (in Alg.), Incommensurable number:—sāth-wālā, s.m. Companion, &c. (=sāthī, q.v.):—sātho-sāth, or sāthoṅ-sāth, adv.=sāth-sāth, q.v.:—sāth ho-lenā (-ke), To go in the company (of), to accompany, to become or make one of a company, to join:—sāth-hī, adv. Along (with, -ke); immediately, immediately upon:—sāthī-sāth (sāth+emphat. part. ī), adv.=sāth-sāth, q.v.

उन्हें एक-दूसरे का साथ और भी अच्छा लगने लगता है


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