झाड़ना - to sweep, clean (tr)

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झाड़ना - to sweep, clean (tr)

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:25 pm

झाड़ना jhāṛnā [jhāṛ˚ = Prk. अज्झड्डे(इ)=S. अध्यर्दय(ति), caus. of rt. अर्द् with अधि], v.t. To clean, to sweep, to brush, to dust:—jhāṛnā-jhaṭaknā, v.t. Idem:—jhāṛ-bahārnā, v.t. To sweep up, to clean:—jhāṛ-paćhor-kar dekhnā, v.t. To look closely into, to search thoroughly, to examine minutely, to scrutinize:—jhāṛ-denā, v.t. (intens.) To brush, brusn off, clean up, clear out, sweep away, sweep clean:—jhāṛ-ḍālnā, v.t. (intens.) To sweep out, sweep away; to dust or clean well, &c.:—jhāṛ-lenā, v.t.=jhāṛ-denā, q.v.


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