महिला / औरत / स्त्री - woman (f)

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महिला / औरत / स्त्री - woman (f)

Post by antonshim on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:29 pm

plural: महिलाएँ, औरतें, स्त्रियाँ

S ستري स्त्री strī, s.f. A woman; a wife:—strī-bodhak, adj. (in Gram.) Of the feminine gender, feminine:—strī-jāti, s.f. The female sex, women-folk:—strī-jit, adj. & s.m. Wife-subdued, hen-pecked;—a man ruled by his wife, a hen-pecked husband:—strī-dharm, s.m. The duty of a woman or wife, female duties; the laws concerning women:—strī-rājya, s.m. The kingdom of women (a country placed by some in the region of Bhoṭan):—strī-ratn, s.m. A jewel or gem of a woman, an excellent woman; an epithet of Lakshmī:—strī-rūp, adj. Of the form of a woman, female, feminine:—strī-sikh, adj. Dame-taught, hen-pecked:—strī karnā, To take a wife, to marry; to take to oneself a woman (as a concubine):—strī-ling, s.m. The female organ; (in Gram.) the feminine gender:—strī-varg, s.m. The female sex, woman-kind, women-folk:—strī-vaś, s.m. Subjection to women; submissiveness to a wife;—adj. Hen-pecked:—strī-ved, s.f. Female craft, feminine wiles:—strī-hatyā, s.f. Murder of a woman.


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