मुहर - seal, stamp (f)

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मुहर - seal, stamp (f)

Post by antonshim on Sat May 23, 2015 12:09 am

P مہر muhr, or mǒhr, vulg. muhar, muhur, mohar (=S. मुद्रा), s.f. A seal; seal-ring;—impression of a seal; a stamp;—a gold coin (current in India for about ₤1 16s.), a gold-mohur;—a cautery, or the instrument which makes the impression;—maidenhood, virginity;—mǒhr-bar-dār, s.m. Keeper of the seal:—mǒhr-ě-taqlīdī, s.f. A counterfeit seal:—mǒhr-ě-ḥākim, or mǒhr-ě-manṣabī, s.f. An official seal:—mǒhr-ě-ḵẖāṣ, or mǒhr-ě-dastī, s.f. A private seal; a signet:—mǒhr-dār, s.m. Holder or keeper of the seal:—mǒhr-ě-shāhī, s.f. Privy seal; royal signet:—mǒhr karnā, or mǒhr lagānā (-meṅ, or par?), To put a seal (on), to seal; to stamp:—mǒhr-kan, s.m. A seal-engraver; a lapidary:—mǒhr-kanī, s.f. Seal-engraving:—mǒhr lagānā (-měṅ), To put a seal (on); to seal up;—to close, shut.


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