Deletion of ह

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Deletion of ह

Post by Admin on Fri May 22, 2015 11:08 am

One of the first, colloquial mannerisms learners recognize is the deletion of ह.

Therefore, in informal speech, नहीं becomes नईं . Notice that the vowels of the word did not change, only the ह was dropped. Sometimes, this may sound to learners like ने since "nay" makes a lot of sense in English; however, नईं! it is not.

Another area where this comes up in in the words रही, रहा and रहे. These may become simply री, रा and रे in fast, colloquial speech. As with many colloquial changes, this makes the words easier to say as we are killing an entire syllable.

Last but not least, are the words है, हैं and हूँ which in fast speech may become ऐ ऐं and ऊँ for some.


मैं जा रहा हूँ ---> मैं जा रा ऊँ
हम भाग रहे हैं ---> हम भाग रे ऐं

Have you seen any other cases of the missing 'ह'?


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