मरज़ी - will (f)

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मरज़ी - will (f)

Post by Admin on Tue May 19, 2015 5:08 pm

(अच्छी) मरज़ी
pronunciation : मर्ज़ी

Oxford entry :

f. pleasure, wish; choice

Prabhat Entry:

f. 1.wish. ~ होना to intend उसकी जाने की मरज़ी है He intends to go 2. consent

Platts Entry:

A مرضي marẓī (pass. part. of رضي (orig. رضو 'to be pleased,' &c.), part. adj. Found pleasing, well-pleasing; liked, approved; agreeable, acceptable (syn. pasandīda); in which one takes a pleasure;—taking favourably;—s.f. Anything in which one takes a pleasure;—pleasure; assent, consent; choice; will, volition:—marẓī-ke muwāfiq, or marẕī-muwāfiq, adv. To the will or pleasure (of, -kī), satisfactorily:—marẓī milnā, or marẓī paṭnā, (-kī), To agree, be of one mind; to suit:—marẓī-meṅ ānā (-kī), To meet the wishes (of), to prove agreeable (to); to like:—apnī marẓī-se, adv. Of (one's own) free will and consent, voluntarily.

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Re: मरज़ी - will (f)

Post by antonshim on Tue May 19, 2015 5:22 pm

यहोवा की मरज़ी - Jehovah's will
मेरी मरज़ी - my will
आपकी मरज़ी - your will
हमारी मरज़ी - our will
उसकी मरज़ी, इसकी मरज़ी- his/her/it's will
इनकी मरज़ी, उनकी मरज़ी - their will
जीसकी मरज़ी, जिनकी मरज़ी- whose will
किसकी मरज़ी, किनकी मरज़ी- who's will?


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